Point of Sales for Restaurant / Retail

Liri Touch for restaurants is reliable, flexible and easy to use

Effective operation is essential to the success of any restaurant. Our point of sale system is designed to provide speed and efficiency.

Liri Touch POS can be customized to meet your needs. The system can be installed as a single station or multiple stations.

Flexible and Adaptable

We know that every restaurant environment is different, Liri Touch allows you to customize all the functionality in the software as you need. No matter how complex your menu might be, our software can easily accomodate every product and modifier in a way that will increase your speed and efficiency.

Inventory Management

Liri Touch comes with inventory features which allow you to track product sales, product usage, and inventory usage. Customizing your reports by menus and departments will reveal food and beverage costs & profit, products sold, or inventory used between any date range.

On-Line Connection

Remote connection lets you access your restaurant via internet as if you were there while giving you the ability to retrieve sales information discretely from any remote location.

Liri Touch reporting gives visibility and printing capability to your businesses from anywhere in the world!

Hardware Installation and Networking

We travel to your location and provide installation of all POS equipment to get your business up and running. We setup, install and configure local and network printers as well as your office computer. We establish local area network and wide area network connectivity.

POS Software Training

We provide training sessions for an individual or for a group. It allows you and your staff to begin using our POS right away. Liri-Touch offers training services onsite or via telephone. For any consultation or to schedule an appointment, contact our support team.

Menu Programming

In some occasions the restaurant menu is large and difficult to design. If you don't have the time to program your menu, we can design the menu for you. We can help you create a customized restaurant menu, where items and modifiers are programmed to print in the kitchen, in a two color format. Our menu programming service is reasonably priced.

Technical Support

We offer personal support remotely through the internet. Clients with technical support contracts in place will be attended to with priority.

If the issue cannot be solved through the internet/phone call, we offer in-person support visits.